​​​​​​​Non-Surgical Knee Treatment

Viscosupplementation Knee Injections

Non-Surgical Knee Treatment

A revolutionary, non-surgical knee therapy called Viscosupplementation Therapy is providing hope and relief for many knee problems & pain sufferers. This procedure is minimally invasive, requires no surgery, can provide immediate results, and has little to no recovery time.


Advanced Arthritis Relief Protocol (AARP)

A procedure involving the injection of gel-like substances (hyaluronates) into a joint to supplement the viscous properties of synovial fluid. This procedure has been shown to be 92.7% successful in alleviating pain associated with osteoarthritis and is covered by most major medical insurances.

A breakthrough piece of medical equipment that allows our medical staff to look inside your joints – in real time – with the latest in imaging technology while administering any of our minimally invasive natural injections. This helps ensure the injected treatment is in the precise location for optimal results (reduction in knee pain).

We combine a lite knee therapy program and fit each patient with an unloading knee brace for additional relief and improvement when necessary.



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